Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive builds industry-leading software and communities that draws tons of traffic and present endless marketing opportunities.

Awesome Motive is a US based fully remote company that has built some of the most popular plugins for WordPress as well as heavily contributing to the WordPress global community.

I have joined the team to help them out with various design projects ranging from product UI and UX, dashboards and infographics.

I have contributed improving the products UX as well as creating pixel-perfect designs and collaborating with development team for product releases.

1. Monster Insights

MonsterInsights is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. I have first done all the wireframes and the redesigned the entire interface.

2. infographics

Infographic appeared on, one of the most popular blogs known in the WordPress community.

3. wpforms

WPForms is one of the easiest form plugins for WordPress. I have redesigned the product on-boarding page and some key areas of the settings interface.

3. company hub

The Hub is meant to be the main landing for all the remote employee who want to know about other colleagues, updates, company manuals, missions, videos. It has feature to cheer your colleagues and leave anonymous feedback.