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Toni Redpath and Michael Mead are one of the best dance couple in the USA. With an amazing career behind as professional dancers choreographer, TV appearances, they decided to share their knowledge and create the first Smooth System online course.



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the challenge

When I got in touch with Micheal, I was asked to redesign their staging site and improve  both the UX and UI as well as build the designs with Elementor. From the branding provided, I came up with some solutions to help new students to get informations quickly and buy courses, easily access the course once purchased.

Once designed, I built the design in WordPress using Elemenor as visual builder and integrating it into the BuddyBoss theme used to setup the website. The build was done also using Crocoblock plugin to create dynamic content.

I used quite a lot of conditional logic to reveal or hide bits of the website that needed to appear or not depending on the user logged in status.

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